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ALCON Wireless

ALCON, an experienced manufacturer and the leading innovator of wireless outdoor broadband equipment and WLAN platform, was established in 1993. Production began with design and manufacturing the ultra long-range cordless telephone system, they have expanded the product range to incorporate 2.4GHz/5.8GHz wireless LAN equipment using the latest radio technology.

The Alcon wireless is having all Range of Wireless Product in his basket, starting from Indoor Managed AP,Outdoor AP/Brige,Outdoor Single and Dual Layer 3 Mesh, Outdoor Surveillance AP/Bridge with inbuilt Video Server, Wireless Telecom Bridge for Backhaul and TDMoIP Solution ,Pre-Wimax Long distance Bridge for High bandwidth, two radio and four radio Solution for WISP, and Microwave Digital Product .




ACP-2405n AP Celing Type 300Mbps




ALCON ACP-2405n Wireless N (New Model) High Speed 300Mbps Super Long Range Wireless Ceilling Access Point which support 802.11 b/g/n.


ALCON APE5005P Wireless AP/Bridge/Client (New Model) is the outdoor wireless device per IP67 standard operates in the 5.8 GHz radio frequencies. Built-in 23 dBi Panel Antenna.  Up to 30 km transmission.


ASU24005g is an outdoor wireless device operate in the 2.4GHz., IP67 standard with 12 dBi antenna.  Range 3-5 Km.

@Mesh 100 & @Mesh 500article

ALCON Mesh100 and Mesh 500 is an Outdoor Mesh Wireless operates in the 2.4GHz band.  Enable to roaming between APs. 


ALCON CPE502401abg is an Outdoor Wireless, 2.4GHz or 5GHz 18dbi with range 5KM or more.


ALCON CPE24005g is an Outdoor Wireless, 2.4Ghz. integrate 18dbi antenna with range 5KM or more.


ALCON APE2408g is an Outdoor Wireless device in the 2.4GHz band, 800mw.  Integrate 15Dbi antenna.  Support Multi-SSID and VLAN function in AP module.  Range 5-10KM.

ALCON AOU-2410 Long Range IEEE802.11b/g/n USB Adapter for Outdoor Use

ALCON AOU-2410 Wireless Long Range IEEE802.11b/g/n USB Adapter.  High output power solution provides you larger wireless range and enhance mobility of usage.  

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